The Realty Bluebook, the most complete and current resource on real estate financing and tax information for real estate professionals and informed home buyers and sellers.

Real Estate Financing, Selling, Risk Management, Tax Information, and Checklists to Avoid Errors and Omissions. "One of the top 10 real estate books!"real estate financing, real estate tax information, real estate contract, Realtors, REALTOR, FHA, Fannie Mae, home buying, home selling, taxes, realty, risk management, sales techniques, checklist

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"The Realty Bluebook is a ready reference tool, handy, up-to-date, comprehensive, user-friendly, and filled with practical coverage of important real estate topics. Real estate investors and salespeople should not be without it."

John Reilly, author, attorney, DREI

Realty Bluebook® has stood the test of time as the definitive resource for the real estate agent and investor since 1965.

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